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Whether you call professional Handicapping plays tout picks, service plays, paid plays or premium plays rest assured that you will find them all at theFBZ.com. This Sports information site searches the entire internet as well as personal relationships to bring you every service play possible. full article

Handicappers Football Consenus Plays(FBZ PANEL PLAYS)
The handicappers Panel Consenus won all 3 of thier plays this weekend. Thats great news for football gamblers and bad news for bookies.

The consensus panel consist of FBZ members who have proven over time to be consistant winners in handicapping sports. full article

What is a NFL Survivor Contest?
There are loads of Free NFL survivor contest on the web.  Sometimes called a eliminator or a Suicide Pool.  Let's describe what one of these contests is all about. full article

2008 NCAA Football Clock Rules Changes: Expect Less Scoring

The NCAA Rules Committee has been tinkering with rules to shorten the average time to complete a college football game. (I'm not sure why - I'd watch them if they averaged 4 hours to complete - and they could sell more commercials.) Nonetheless, leadership is determined to drive them back closer to 3 hours on average. One positive from accomplishing this might be that we miss fewer kickoffs because of overlaps and overtimes as networks annoyingly stack them back to back - with no 30 minute scoreboard show in between to steal time from. full article

USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez Hurt
USC Trojans starting quarterback Mark Sanchez was carted off the field today during practice with a knee injury. The injury was sustained during stretching this morning. full article

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